megan megas at home..

Posted June 01, 2012 by Christina

So I know I have been changing it up a little around here with more and more chatting... but sometimes I think change is a good thing! (I hope you do too).  Anyway, I am going to chat this up because I simply love it.  I love the graphic pillow on the white sofa and I love the split wall with grey and creamy paint.  I love the lack of accessories and things.  This is pretty amazing.  I know it is not my home because my dog would knock that vase off of that little stool in about 5 minutes but I still love it.

This picture makes me wish I had not sold off my dining head chairs... humm.  I think I saw some yesterday and now I really want them back!
Images found by way of cote de texas


greige: (gra, grège, gray)
adj: not bleached or dyed;
unfinished; raw





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