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Posted January 17, 2015 by Christina


Happy Weekend friends! It is amazing how we have jumped into mid January already!  The weather here has been amazing so I have been spending a little bit more time in the sunshine which is so nice.  I know it is chilly most everywhere and this is the reason I love California so much most of the time... 

Here's a few little things to get you through this lovely weekend...

Tomorrow bright and early I leave for the Las Vegas Furniture show if you would like to keep up with me on I would love to see you there..

I am trying to be a good girl this year and only buy myself things that I truly love, going for less quantity and more quality. So one thing on my list is to finish off my collection of Astier de Villatte dinner dishes by buying just a couple at a time, until I have enough to set the holiday table with matching pieces this year.  My favorite source right now is .

I have been working on a quick makeover for our little laundry room and fell in love with the idea of doing scaffolding shelves with these for our storage in there.  Look for more on the blog about my plans next week. 

We have a little sale going on in the shop this weekend too.. Stop by and take 10% off of your next order of 100.00 or more with the code NEW10 at checkout...


Have a wonderful weekend!


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