weekend wishes 3.21.15

Posted March 21, 2015 by Christina

Yay, it's the weekend again!  Last week was a stressful blur or work and family.  When you add together small amounts of in house construction, one lost tortoise, getting ready for an out of town install, one leaking toilet and getting over a head cold everything becomes this big huge jumble.  But I did take like 2 okay maybe 3 minutes to stop into for a little quick look see on their Spring offerings, and how amazing is the !  (I had to order mine because the store was sold out.)

In other news this week..

Spring is my favorite time of year... I love all of the flowers and fresh fruit and berries... It is the perfect time for to be made at home too.  Everything is so sweet.

There are some really great things happening all over California this weekend, I am so sad to have to miss the latest new vintage show down in Del Mar this weekend. It runs through this Sunday afternoon if you have time. So many of my favorite vintage dealers will be there.

I may or may not have picked up a pair of these from Anthro... (I have a problem)

Pink looks good on just about everyone I think.. ..

Also, I want to apologize to everyone who gets the blog via ..I made a mess of my feed last week but it is all fixed up now.  Sorry for the large with all of the missing posts coming to you all at once on Friday.  Thank you to the ladies who alerted me to the boo boo- you know who you are and I really appreciate you so very much!


Happy weekend!



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